We develop places of belonging

Building an affordable housing community to reimagine the safety net for a rapidly changing world.


We believe intentional communities focused on harmony and personal evolution can heal, support, and transform the most vulnerable parts of our society.


Let's Redefine Affordable Housing

  • Prioritize community. We believe strong communities can be the foundation for personal development.
  • Prioritize self-sufficiency. We believe it's the key to a safety net that works for people now, and for generations to come.

The Big Picture

Our world is rapidly changing. We need a social safety net that changes with it. Redefining affordable housing can help us begin to face the challenges ahead.

Source: The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio

Our Plan

How do we face the challenges ahead?

  • Create harmony in our communities so that people can help each other and work together
  • Educate and empower people to become the best versions of themselves
  • Get our communities to innovate so that we can build resilient, sustainable, and effective communities

What steps will we take?

Shared space, shared responsibility, and shared mission. We believe a well-designed community centered on harmony and evolution can enable people to help each other, work together, and evolve together. Communities like this can unleash self-expression, creativity, and innovation.

step 6

Our Mission

The way our government spends our money matters. Spending well means strong communities, and happy people. Our mission is to maximize every dollar spent on the social safety net.

Creating just one strong community can make the world a better place. Supporting personal development, and fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, and business will positively impact our entire society.

Youth* impacted:


Total savings

*Youth refers to "disconnected youth" (ages 18-25) not in education, employment, or training.

All savings are calculated for a single fiscal year after cohort has graduated from community.

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About the Founder

Rohan Mathur has over five years of experience creating software for local government agencies. His journey into public service was sparked by a Code for America Fellowship, during which he developed an affordable housing data hub for Austin, TX. Inspired by this project, Rohan founded Substructure Technologies, a startup dedicated to enhancing affordable housing management through data and technology.

Currently, he is embarking on a new venture that focuses on designing and building new kinds of affordable housing communities. This project aims to not only provide shelter, but to empower residents towards achieving self-sufficiency.